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鲍德温华莱士大学致力于各种形式的多样性, 相信多样性不仅仅是一个包罗万象的人口统计列表. Baldwin Wallace's rich history is distinctively tied to inclusion and we are dedicated to building upon that legacy by celebrating our heritage, 承认我们面临的挑战, and promoting a community structure that reflects the diversity of our multicultural and intercultural world. We aim to achieve diversity in all that we do in an effort to further strengthen the community of 鲍德温华莱士大学.

在鲍德温华莱士大学, we define diversity as the ability to think critically while acknowledging and respecting different beliefs, 惯例和规范. 多样性是一个向不同观点敞开心扉的过程. 多样性可以促进学习成果,而这些成果会因生活而得到提升, 课堂和专业经历, 以及对文化和社会信仰的欣赏. 除了, diversity at BW encourages each individual to explore and embrace individual uniqueness as we uphold our community standards, 庆祝战略变革,尊重传统.

多样性, Integration and 包容 Committee at 鲍德温华莱士大学 has taken the necessary steps to define diversity in a manner that is consistent with the community's desire to monitor and facilitate diversity initiatives and ways of thinking. The definition does not infringe on the Federal Government's guidelines related to the Civil Rights Act of 1964 or the Anti-Discrimination Law. 进一步, 这个定义并没有篡夺鲍德温华莱士大学执行的非歧视政策.


在鲍德温华莱士大学 we value and appreciate that a diverse curriculum supports our mission and produces graduates who function well in multicultural and intercultural environments. 学生们可以选择各种各样的课程来拓展他们的想象力:爵士乐历史, 多元文化心理学, 西方文明中的女性、媒体和多样性只是其中的几个例子.

此外, students are able to put their theoretical foundation to good use by participating in a variety of co-curricular initiatives that extend the classroom. 服务学习、社区服务和志愿服务经常被纳入课堂内容. Rigorous debate and intentional listening are encouraged in the context of understanding and grasping the concepts of multiple identity development. Course offerings reflect our goal to prepare students to think critically while increasing their aptitude and appreciation for cultural awareness.


从2010年秋季开始, 多样性的事务 started a partnership with two academic units to engage students who have selected gender or diversity studies as a minor. Students are encouraged to explore various aspects of gender and diversity in an intercultural world. 加强讨论,最大限度地提高求知欲, 视觉刺激,如艺术, 电影和印刷资料(如.g., 研究文章, 书籍和报纸)被用来引导和激发支持学术发展的思维.

Students explore multiple ways of examining the world and are able to filter relevant information in a variety of ways: individually, 文化上和集体上. 除了, 学生自愿参加, 每月抽出时间进行与性别和多样性研究有关的活动.


The minor in diversity studies has two purposes: to teach students about diversity of the United States, 特别关注性别, 并帮助学生找到在多元化社会中生活的创新方式. 为本未成年人之目的, “多样性”包括文化, 种族, 少数民族, 宗教, 性, 美国境内的代际和体质多样性. “性别”被理解为多样性的一个子集,包括生理学, 性别差异的社会学或心理学, 性身份, 性别刻板印象和/或社会, 经济, 与男女地位有关的文化和历史结构."

辅修课程是对学生专业的补充. Its interdisciplinary design introduces students to the different ways the disciplines conceptualize, 调查和分析多样性问题. 学习计划将帮助学生提炼和表达他们自己对多样性的看法, 并鼓励他们将新的观点带到他们的其他研究领域. A capstone seminar will provide students with theoretical tools to integrate the material from their courses with their research or career choices in a sophisticated manner."

-Dr. 黛比·埃斯蒂,心理学系多样性研究辅修课主任


性别研究考察了性别的社会建构的意义, gender and 性ity as they structure the meaning of personal identity and social institutions like work, 家庭, 医学和法律. The gender studies minor is an interdisciplinary program that allows students to choose from a number of different disciplines and topics to meet their individual interests while also acquiring a breadth of knowledge about how gender and 性ity are explored across multiple academic fields. Gender studies courses seek to enhance the integration of knowledge about gender and the social institutions that help to structure it beyond the classroom to one's public and personal life."

这门辅修课程总共需要18个学分,选修科目涵盖多个学科, 至少有三个不同专业的学分. Up to four of those 18 credit hours can be substituted with an approved independent study or internship coordinated with a faculty member working within the gender studies minor. Completion of the minor requires a not-for-credit reflection paper that summarizes the student's experience across the minor courses."

-Dr. 安娜·德·弗雷塔斯·波伊,辅修性别研究课程的主任


符合学生的发展, 多样性的事务 created an internship opportunity for students who show a high degree of interest in diversity, 多元文化事务, 多元主义或跨文化事务. 每年夏天,一名学生被选中全职工作,并在学年期间. 实习生支持并维护与岗位相关的日常工作. The diversity intern reports to the director of 多样性的事务 of the University and is responsible for planning at least two major events that will occur during the academic year. 勘探的领域是广泛的. 在指导和直接帮助下, 实习生与学生组织密切合作, 确保电子游戏平台的成功实施.


黑人论坛代表黑人教职员工和其他有色人种发声. 本着和谐多元的精神, 并进一步推动大学的使命, we are committed to helping the University be responsive to the needs of blacks and other people of color to ensure that the aforementioned community is equitably represented at BW.

按年计算, the forum takes part in sponsoring and in collaboratively working with the BW community to ensure the following goals are carried out:

  • 促进黑人教职员工的利益
  • Offer assistance to the University with the recruitment of black and other faculty and staff of color
  • 协助欢迎和指导新的黑人教职员工和学生,以及其他有色人种
  • Serve as a resource bureau of informed people for 鲍德温华莱士大学 and the broader community


The membership of the 黑色的论坛 shall be open to all full and part-time faculty and staff at 鲍德温华莱士大学 whose primary concerns include, 但不限于, 提高对黑人和其他有色人种问题和关切的认识.

Each year a newly elected executive board is charged to promote community dignity and respect in the community in the spirit of the ancestors which include previous African Americans who have given their careers to the mission of 鲍德温华莱士大学.


Kenneth Atchinson,财务主管, katchins@ootbfilms.com



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